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Computer Lab Policy

All of the computers are iMacs, however they each run both Windows 7 and Mac OS X. Each computer lab connects to a printer behind the front desk for printing free of charge. This service is only available when the front desk is open. By using the computer lab, all residents agree to abide by the following rules:

Lab Access:

  • Computer labs can only be accessed during normal hours of operations (8AM-midnight).
  • Only hall residents are allowed to use computer lab resources.
  • Any activity that would disrupt the other users of the computer lab is strictly prohibited (personal phone calls, horseplay, loud or boisterous behavior, using the computer speakers, etc).
  • To gain access to the computer lab you need to scan your own student ID. 
    • Allowing others to use your ID to access the lab is strictly prohibited.
    • Do not allow others access the lab without scanning in.
    • You are responsible for any individuals accessing the lab as your guests.
    • Do not prop the door open
    • Users must wear shirt and shoes at all times.
    • Removing any of the equipment and/or furniture from the computer lab is not permitted.
    • Eating, drinking, and the use of tobacco are strictly prohibited in the computer lab.


  • Excessive printing of any kind is prohibited. We limit printing to 20 double-sided pages per job. This includes excessive copies of resumes, personal business materials, power points, etc).
  • Students are able to print to the front desk from their room by installing the ResLife printer from the MyUWO Portal.  It is in the module called ResNet Software.

Hacking, Copyrights

  • Academic research takes priority over personal use such as social networking, gaming, etc.
  • Viewing or displaying what may be deemed adult material will not be tolerated.
  • Using computer lab resources to download, display and/or transfer copyrighted material will not be allowed.
  • Any illegal activity is not permitted, including the downloading of copyrighted material without consent.
  • Any activity deemed as hacking or abusing network resources is prohibited.


Violation of these policies may result in immediate disciplinary actions stated on the UW system student code of conduct, which may include (but are not limited to):

  • A written warning
  • One week suspension of lab privileges
  • One month suspension of lab privileges, with an incident report filed with Residence Life
  • Indefinite suspension from all computer lab access
  • Reimbursement for damaged equipment
  • Referral to Dean of Students Office
  • Referral to University Police for investigation and/or criminal charges.