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The department of Residence Life has a Graphic Artist Office that handles all of the graphic design and photography needs of the department.* *This service is not for students, Reeves "Copy This" provides graphic design services for students.

Graphic Design

The purpose of a Residence Life Graphic Artist is to take the chaotic strands of information given to them, and organize them into a clear, concise, and creative graphic solution.  Graphic Artists serve as a media publicity consultant for community advisors, program assistants, assistant residence hall directors, hall directors, as well as other Department of Residence Life staff members.

Some projects created by the Residence Life Graphic Artists consist of small and large scale posters, brochures, postcards, booklets, business cards, web banner designs, computer desktop designs, photography for campus-wide events, t-shirts, and other apparel.

The Residence Life Graphic Artists are expected to have a carefree and positive attitude when working with clients and coworkers and must be capable of receiving constructive feedback. The Artists are given numerous projects at one time and are expected to complete all projects assigned on a timely and qualitative manner; ensuring their client’s standards and needs are being met.

ResLife Graphic Artists work on Apple equipment (currently 27” iMacs) and primarily use CS6 to complete projects.  Within the Graphic Artist Office there is a Xerox printer for use.


The ResLife Graphic Artists also do their own photography.  They are able to use the photos in their design work, but also will take photos at ResLife events. Check it out here.