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Installing Malwarebytes

For the older version of Malwarebytes go here.

 We recommend that you understand the difference between anti-virus and anti-malware. 


  1. Click the following link to download MalwareBytes
  2. Once it’s downloaded, run and install it. Make sure to uncheck “Enable Free Trial of MalwareBytes PRO” when prompted
    New Malwarebytes Install
  3. After opening and running an update you should go to the "Scan" section and select "Custom Scan", then click "Scan Now"
    New Malwarebytes Custom
  4. Under the custom configuration select:
    Scan memory objects
    Scan Startup and Registry Settings
    Scan Archives
    Scan for RootKits
    And select your C: drive then "Start Scan"
    New Malwarebytes Scan Type
  5. You will see the scan running
    New Malwarebytes Scanning
  6. Afterwards you will see the files that were detected, make sure to select "Quarantine All" then "Apply Actions"
    New Malwarebytes Threat
  7. After that you will see this screen, select "view detailed log"
    New Malwarebytes View Results
  8. It may ask you to restart your system, click "yes"
    New Malwarebytes Restart
  9. After the scan runs you need to remove the infected items. Go to "History" tab, and select "Delete All"
    New Malwarebytes Delete
  10. After you deleted everything locate the "Application Logs" and double click on the "Scan Log"
    New Malwarebytes Logs
  11. The scanning history log allows you to export and copy to clipboard. We recommend copying to clipboard then pasting it to an email.
    New Malwarebytes Log Screen
  12. If you want to export, make sure to export as a text file. 
    New Malwarebytes Export/Copy
  13. Save the file somewhere accessible.
    New Malwarebytes saving
  14. After you export you should get a confirmation box.
    New Malwarebytes Export Success
  15. Send an email to with the log file attached or copied to it.
    New Malwarebytes Email