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PlayStation Vita

This article will show you how to connect your PlayStation Vita (PSVita) to Titan WiFi Guest.

1. Open up Settings from the home menu.

2. Navigate to Network and choose WiFi Settings

3. Make sure that the WiFi checkbox is checked.

4. Find Titan WiFi Guest on the the network list.

PSV - Titan Wifi

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5. Select Titan WiFi Guest and let the system automatically connect.

6. The WiFi Settings screen should now show Titan WiFi Guest with a green dot.

PSV - Connected

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7. Exit Settings and open the Browser from the home menu.

8. Open up any bookmark or saved page, and you should be redirected to the Titan WiFi Guest login page.

PSV - Guest Prompt

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9. Log in with your NetID and password.

10. Your Playstation Vita is now connected. You may need to repeat steps 7-9 periodically.